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Monday, July 26, 2010

Garden Log

Right now its about 62 F.  Cloudy outside from the marine layer that should burn off around noon. Just in time to give my back patio garden an hour of sunlight.  At noon it should get up to about 70 F.  Chance of rain is 10% with humidity of 90% dropping as the day goes on.  Winds are WNW 1 mph building up to a W 10 mph this evening.

The marine layer is putting a mildew on the cucumbers.  Plaga as Leslie likes to call it.  Spanish for plague. Its an all purpose word for any disease for any plant.  They don't like their leaves to be wet and damp this much.  They like it hot and dry.  If we were having the normal SD weather they'd be doing fine.  My plants just aren't healthy and I think it has to do with the shallow root system that the pots I have them in created.  Live and learn.

Not to mention the amount of light that they are finally getting was roughly 6.5 hrs.  Not a lot but a little more than the minimum 6 hrs.  Now its been cut to about an hour and that's only over half of them. This is one of those times where I wish I had my own place like a house with a yard.  It's times like these when I miss the east coast and its affordability.
I moved the one tomato plant that I have out front a bit to capitalize on the afternoon sun.  I'm going to play musical sun with it till the SD weather decides to be normal.

I came home and Mel had cut half a dozen of our sunflowers for the house.  Cut flowers seem like such a luxury.

One planter of green leaf lettuce I planted last Thursday has all ready started to sprout.  Its only been 5 days and they don't usually sprout for 7-12.  I must have done something right so I'll keep an eye on them.

Speaking of sprouts I just came across sprouting seeds in mason jars for such things like bean sprouts for salads.  Is this really as easy as it sounds?

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