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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not so much a failure as I didn't succeed

Where do I even begin?  12.5 miles each way to my house from work.  This route crosses over and under 5 major highway systems.  In Southern California which is mountainous.

I missed the first turn and went way into downtown.  I realized that I missed 28th street at about 5th street.  So I started to back track and found myself in San Francisco going up and down the hills.  Then whilst in a seedy part of town I was trying to read the road signs when, on a down hill speed trial, a ran into a piece of concrete road that was raised.  The bike hit hard and at first I was "Oh no, not a flat tire."  The back went about 3 feet and hissed.  Then I was like "It can't be a flat tire."  When I dismounted and the rear tire was flat I finally reached the point of "I have a flat tire."

White guy in spandex in seedy part of town looking distressed.  This is the making for a bad Enquirer article.  I hoofed it 5 blocks to a friend's house.

I'm knew to this road bike thing and well who knew you are supposed to carry spare tubes?  No one told me that.  Apparently there is more to this then I thought.  I'm going to re-try in the morning but this time on the mountain bike.  I know it won't get a flat.

So far today I have decreased the amount of money I spend on gas but my overall usage of gas is the same as I had a friend pick me up and bring me home.

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