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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 4: La Jolla Shores and the Zen of a Bad Haircut

The only thing worse than a bad haircut is waiting an hour to get that bad haircut.  Thankfully I am happily appreciated in my own relationship but if I weren't I surely would date the woman who cut my hair for her extremely generous interpretation of how long 1/2 inch is.  In my world 1/2 inch would have brought my hair to my eyebrows.  Here's her interpretation. 
Angry face

What do you do with a bad haircut?  I was shocked in the store but by the time I was wishing it longer in my visor mirror I was fuming.  I mean I was going to burst.  "A 1/2 inch off the top is what I said!"

So I did the only thing I could do.  I drove off with my Hitler youth haircut and went to La Jolla Shores.  

This is where I learned to surf.  So this place holds a special place in my heart.  It has a great beach break that produces gentle swells.  Sometimes you get really good waves here but most of the time its not really anything to write home about.  This is where I take everyone to show them how to get started.

There were some sets that actually were well overhead and I was getting thumped by them.  I was just off.  I was so darn mad about this haircut.  But what can you do?  Nothing you just got to let it grow back.  What is done is done.  And with that calm approach and clear head I still got thumped. 

So moral of the story is:  A bad haircut sucks and while you might look like a Hitler youth now in two weeks you'll look like Eminem.   Oh, and surfing makes you feel better.

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