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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 3 of Surfpocalypse - Cardiff Reef & Maple Frosted Donuts

We started off the day at Tierra Miguel Farm doing a little farm work.  We left at noon and headed over to Cardiff on the Sea to do some surfing.  So this is my favorite place to surf (so far).  Not only does it have great waves but it has VG Donuts - the best darn donuts on the West Coast.  Thanks to my buddy Ben for showing us that spot.  Ben you rock!

Here's how we normally work it.  Get up there early - 7ish - and surf for an hour or two, dry off, and go get fresh donuts and coffee.  Sublime!  The last time Mel and I where there we were with my buddies Jon and Chris back in July.  Come to think of it that was my birthday weekend.  Jon and Chris are both ole Navy buddies and Jon is my "let's try and climb Mt Whitney in waist deep snow the past two years in a row" buddy as well.  Chris is currently getting his PhD in Economics so we never see him anymore.  Legend has it he surfs everyday up in Newport Beach.

So we all arrive early and we're loving the waves.  Everyone had a great time.  As we are getting ready to leave, literally walking into shore to leave and go get donuts, Chris gets stung by a stingray in his ankle.  The poor guy is bleeding everywhere.  Mel runs down the beach 1/2 mile to the lifeguard shack, Jon runs up the stairs up the cliff to get the 1st aid kit from his truck, and I run to the water to get a piece of kelp to put over the wound.

"I'm not putting that crap on my foot." Chris says

So the only other thing I have is the ankle cuff to my leash off my 7'-1" yellow board I affectionately call "the banana".  Side note:  My 6'-3" board is called the "potato chip" and my 8'-5" board is called the "cadillac".  I still haven't used the banana till this day because that leash is still dirty!   In awkward situations I tend to go with humor but poor Chris wanted to punch me so in a way it worked.  Long, boring wait in the hospital story made short - we had to wait till after the hospital to get our donut fix and by the time we got there almost everything was gone.

Why did I tell you that story?  Because it was the rational behind what we did.  We decided in the case that one of us (me) got stung by a stingray we should go and get donuts first.  And to somewhat hold to tradition we should get enough to have after we surf too.  I have to tell you the Maple frosted donuts are incredible.  I was going to go back in before we left to get more but Mel made me drive away.  I seriously think I would shank someone for the last maple frosted donut.  As it is Mel and I are in negotiations right now for the last half of her maple frosted donut.  Its costing me a whole chocolate frosted donut.

Cardiff Reef is spectacular.  You have to walk down these rickety-ass, wooden stairs.  Once you are on the beach you have to look up the cliffs to see where you came from.  Its beautiful till you have to walk back up those stairs.  Definitely an iconic surfing spot when I think of California surfing.

I honestly didn't think that Mel was going to get into the water.  She's a fair weather surfer but it must have been my sweet moves in the water that enticed her.  But she braved the cold water and caught quite a few nice breaks.  She rides a 6'-9" (no name!) but covets the cadillac.  So I tend to give it to her and I take her no name and try to surf it.  I still haven't transitioned down to the shorter boards so my fat butt tends to sink them.  But I was dropping in and half-ass standing up.  There's always tomorrow to get it!

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