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Monday, August 23, 2010

Egg Recall Expanded After Salmonella Outbreak

Egg Recall Expanded After Salmonella Outbreak (full story)

Had this company just followed the FDA's new rule of not allowing tours of the farm this could have been prevented. Give me a break. This is exactly why WE need to know where OUR food comes from. Get ready for more of this since the FDA wants to separate US even further from OUR food supply.

Let's put this into perspective. The FDA law only affects those producers that have 3000 laying hens or more. That is roughly about 4,000 producers who make up 99% of the eggs sold in the US. Most of these, not all, are the large chicken factories that we all get a glimpse of on TV. 7 to a cage, 6 cages high, beaks clipped off so they don't peck each other since they are stressed, full of antibiotics because they are sick from the stress and no room to nest but only stand and shoot out eggs onto a conveyor belt that prevents humans from touching the eggs anyways. 

The other 1% of our egg supply is from some 50,000 small farms. That's how consolidated our food supply is. It's even worse in beef and meat production ( I think 4 major companies).  Allowing our food supply to consolidate into so few companies means that an outbreak like this can shut down 99% of the food. 

We all know what happens when we put all our eggs in one basket - pun intended.

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